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nnKey2FirstName - Turns a key into a first name

Nepenthes Ixchel
Broadly Offended.
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03-26-2006 00:03
Sometimes it's nice to use an avatar's first name only, instead of their entire name. This simple function will take a key and return an avatars first name.


// nnKey2FirstName
// By Nepenthes Ixchel
// arguments:
// (key) id: the id of the aganet to return the firstname of.
// Return value:
// (string) The agents first name (all text before the first space, or entire name if there is no space.)
// License:
// This code is free to use for any purpose provided a comment of some sort is included in
// the code attributing it to Nepenthes Ixchel. (even if the script is distributed no-mod)

string nnKey2FirstName(key id)
return (llGetSubString(llKey2Name(id),0,-1+llSubStringIndex(llKey2Name(id)," ")));

// simple testbed code


touch_start(integer total_number)
llSay(0, "Hello "+nnKey2FirstName(llDetectedKey(0)));

Nada Epoch
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Discussion Thread
03-27-2006 07:03
i've got nothing. ;)