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Scripting - Beginners Guide

Peter Linden
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04-14-2003 14:21
The beginners guide to scripting can be found at:


...at the bottom of the page.

Please download and read through this document if your are unfamiliar with scripting.


[edit : nada epoch]-changed link to more approriate destination.
White Platini
DNA Fusion
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01-23-2005 08:04
Got this:
Not Found
The requested URL /download/guides.php was not found on this server. You may want to try http://secondlife.com instead.

Helpz0rs @@
Nada Epoch
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01-23-2005 15:35
Helpz0r'ed :-D
i've got nothing. ;)
Jake Cellardoor
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01-24-2005 15:11
Here's the original file: