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What the Scripting Library is.

Nada Epoch
The Librarian
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07-26-2003 18:26
Here are the relevant excerpts from the original email concerning the scripting library.
From: someone
Linden lab is currently looking for scripts that you are willing to make public. Our intention is to post the scripts, their description and a "how to use" document to a new forum, tentatively being called the "Scripts Only" forum.

The larger goal is to release scripts that lots of people want and use commonly. The secondary goal is to try and make the most common scripts be very simulator efficient so that everyone who want so make spinning cubes or scrolling textures won't use bad scripts.

If you have scripts that you would like to release to the public, please submit them to me. Try to keep the format similar to the one listed above. If you have any questions, please submit them to me. Likewise, if you know of any gifted scripters in Second Life, Please feel free to send me their names and I will add them to my list.
So basically it is a giant repository for scripts that everyone wants/uses, with the attempt at making it the most server efficient (which means the discussion we were having about jake's sim location script was more pertinent than any of us knew). i do apologize if this was not fully communicated, I just assumed that everyone knew that if they posted something to the board, it basically became part of public domain. We will have people selling our scripts, just like they are selling the free stuff the lindens give away.

OPEN SOURCE FOREVER, heh, well as long as i can pay my taxes :D
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Gwydeon Nomad
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07-26-2003 20:13
Yay Nada! We of the scripting inept masses thank you!
Wednesday Grimm
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07-27-2003 17:10
*ahem*, I think the original e-mail said we'd get paid for posting scripts here too.

*shuffles feet
*looks around
*points at hat on ground

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Nada Epoch
The Librarian
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07-28-2003 01:44
heh it did, i was just going to leave that part out until i got to talk to a linden, but since you brought it up, maybe one of them will reply :D
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Christopher Omega
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07-28-2003 16:14
Well, thats cool, I didnt know stuff was officially completely public here, so um... now I know ^_^

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