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2 Left Feet?

Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons
Neurotican Mage
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03-16-2006 15:40
Ok... this is kind of a joke, BUT...


integer attachment_point;
integer left_foot = 7; // The correct attachment point is the left foot

attachment_point = llGetAttached(); // The current attachment point
if(attachment_point != left_foot)


llOwnerSay("Your Left Shoe is not on your Left Foot!");

Something I had not considered using in a script until recently, this could be used to make sure your objects are in fact attached to the correct attachment point desired.

Obviously, SL remembers this for us, but what about user overriding?... this could prevent that, and maybe newbies wouldnt walk around with boxes on their heads for so long. ;)
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Nada Epoch
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Discussion Thread
03-17-2006 11:47
i've got nothing. ;)