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1000m Menu-driven Intra-Sim Teleporter

Nepenthes Ixchel
Broadly Offended.
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07-15-2006 20:28
This teleporter was designed for use on an island with multiple scattered locations. It has a 1000m range, allowing any point below 768m to teleport to any other point also below 768m. A simple menu system allows the desination to be chosen before getting on the teleporter.

The main code block isn't commented, but the notes in the "Design" section should make it easy to figure out what is going on.


// 1000m Menu-driven Intra-Sim Teleporter
// By Nepenthes Ixchel
// July 2006

// License:
// This code is released into the public domain, but if you sell
// it without making any changes to add value to it then hordes of
// purple undead monkeys will torment you in the afterlife.
// This code is released without any warranty of any sort.
// Code in this script includes:
// WarpPos by Keknehv Psaltery, April 2006, Public Domain
// This provides the instant movement code.
// Single Neat Elevator by Seagul Neville, Dec 2005, Public Domain
// This script started as SN_Elevator, but I don't think much
// of the original code survived. :-)

// Design:
// Menu system sets target location from pre-defined list
// When a user sits on the object it moves to the target location,
// unists the avatar, and returns. Use of WarpPos by Keknehv
// Psaltery makes this possible beyond the 10 metre limit normally
// associated with position changes.

// Quirks:
// If you move the teleporter after placing it you need to
// reset this script so it learns it's new home position
// All target locations must be under 768m in height
// All target locations must be in teh same sim as teh teleport
// Max distance is 1000m... but it's impossible to move more than
// 850m in a single sim without going higher than 768m.
// If use of llSetPrimitiveParams to bypass the 10m movement
// restriction is ever nerfed then this script will stop working.

// Usage
// Edit the list of locations.
// Place script in a prim
// Touch to get a menu to set destination
// Right click -> sit to teleport

//user variables, you should set these.

// A list of locations (names and position)
// This is for one sim only; teh sim the teleporter is in.
// No more than 12 locations or you'll get an error from llDialog
// Buttons are drawn left to right, bottom to top, in row of three.
list gLocations=[
"New Releases",<155,155,102>,
"Playful Kitten",<155,155,115>,
"Cyber Apoc",<164,52,27>,
"Pirate Kitty",<36,32,21>,

// Text for the "pie menu"
string gSitText="Teleport";
// If you don't enable this teh teleport object will be left at the destination.
integer gReturnToStartPos=TRUE;
// Alpha for hovertext
float gTextAlpha=0.5;
// colour for hovertext
vector gTextColour=<1.0,1.0,1.0>;

//Runtime variables. You should leave these alone.

vector gStartPos=<0,0,0>;
key gAvatarID=NULL_KEY;
integer gChannel=574368374;
vector gTargetPos=<0,0,0>;

// Function for instant intra-sim movement

warpPos( vector d ) //R&D by Keknehv Psaltery, ~05/25/2006
if ( d.z > 768 ) //Otherwise we'll get stuck hitting the ceiling
d.z = 768;
//The number of jumps necessary
integer s = (integer)(llVecMag(d-llGetPos())/10)+1;
//Try and avoid stack/heap collisions
if ( s > 100 )
s = 100; // 1km should be plenty
//Solve '2^n=s'
integer e = (integer)( llLog( s ) / llLog( 2 ) );
list rules = [ PRIM_POSITION, d ]; //The start for the rules list
integer i;
for ( i = 0 ; i < e ; ++i ) //Start expanding the list
rules += rules;
integer r = s - (integer)llPow( 2, e );
if ( r > 0 ) //Finish it up
rules += llList2List( rules, 0, r * 2 + 1 );
llSetPrimitiveParams( rules );

// Main codeblock.

state_entry() {
gStartPos = llGetPos();
on_rez(integer start_param){
changed(integer change){
if(change & CHANGED_LINK)
gAvatarID = llAvatarOnSitTarget();
if(gAvatarID != NULL_KEY)

if (gReturnToStartPos){

touch_start(integer number){
list options=[];
integer i =0;
llDialog(llDetectedKey(0),"Choose target location",options,gChannel);

listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message){
integer index=llListFindList(gLocations,[message]);
if (index==-1) return;

Nada Epoch
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Discussion Thread
07-19-2006 07:42
i've got nothing. ;)
Mit Lederberg
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In Sim TP
03-16-2007 11:48
Thanks for the script.

I seem to move only 10 meters then get dumped.

Am i doing something wrong.
RJ Dumart
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08-03-2007 10:35
I keep getting a syntax error, please fix this?
(PS: I know discussions should be held in the discussion topic, but this is an error, so it belongs, here, right?
Whatever, can you please fix it A.S.A.P? I'm in dire need of it.)