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Float2Hex safe transport for floats without need of a parser

Strife Onizuka
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01-25-2006 03:04
SL support the C99 style for encoding floats as a hex string.
This method for encoding provides many advantages, 1) the data is stored in a memory in such a way to conserve it 2) the function is fast with a speed of 0.11 seconds per iteration. The number doesn't effect the speed.

This function could be better writen to concerve memory by adding a decimal point into the string for numbers around zero, this could free up a couple of bytes. It is a low priority. Doing so would come at quite a bit of expense in speed. Also any gaining those couple extra bytes, many more bytes would be wasted in bytecode. There are som small optimizations that can be made. The zero stripper is needed or "p" is ignored.


string hexc="0123456789ABCDEF";//faster

string Float2Hex(float a)
{// Copyright Strife Onizuka, 2006, LGPL, http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html
float b = llFabs(a);//logs don't work on negatives.
string f = "p";
integer c = llFloor(llLog(b) / 0.69314718055994530941723212145818);//floor(log2(b))
if(c > 127) c = 127;//catch fatal rounding error in exponent.
integer d = (integer)((b / (float)("0x1p"+(string)c)) * 0x1000000);//shift up into integer range
while(!(d & 0xf))
{//strip extra zeros off before converting or they break "p"
d = d >> 4;
f = llGetSubString(hexc,15&d,15&d) + f;
while(d = d >> 4);
if(a < 0)
return "-0x" + f +(string)(c - 24);
return "0x" + f +(string)(c - 24);
return "0";//zero would hang the zero stripper.
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Nada Epoch
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Discussion Thread
01-25-2006 14:24
i've got nothing. ;)