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Visual Inventory

Lickmelikea Lollipop
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01-28-2009 10:05
hi All,

Requesting something i've wanted for a long time: a visual way to manage inventory.
Perhaps something like the following..

Selection of inventory items from image sliders (one slider for each type of clothing) ranging from top to bottom respective to where one would normally wear that item of clothing (but allowing reordering of sliders as desired by user) ..i.e.
Top slider: hats/hair
2nd slider: coats
3rd slider: tops, shirts
4th slider: undershirts
5th slider: panties, underwear
6th slider: skirts, pants
7th slider: shoes
8th slider: custom (for various attachments)
9th slider: custom 2 (for various attachments)

Each horizontal slider would contain small images (side by side for each respective item of clothing in your inventory).

Ideally, the user could choose whether or not to include an inventory item on the slider .. so as to make selection of items and their organization easy.

Might be useful for items other than clothing also.

An example of the slider concept might be: the new SecondLife homepage (when not logged in).

Other examples (things which look to be close):

Ability quickly rez or image layer clothing selections from the sliders on a digital 2d (or 3d if fast enough) mannequin that matched your body shape.

Could be built into a web application to be used in a browser outside of SecondLife .. allowing choice of outfits before logging in (or organization outside of the sl viewer while logged in).

(Naturally this would not replace, but enhance the current inventory usability options)

So far i haven't seen anything like this. If it exists (or when) Please let me know!! :-)

Clarissa Lowell
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01-28-2009 11:03
I haven't seen one. I've seen a texture organiser, that someone can rez and it's like a page from a big swatch sample book. THAT would be handy and I wanna find out where ot get one of those too.

Somenoe should script a 'visual inventory organiser' as you say - if they haven't yet. They're gonna make a L$ mint when they do.

I need one just for clothes. (Designers who include an image file of the outfit when you buy something - bless you, it helps so much later when I've forgotten what is in there!) Renaming doesn't do it all.

Especially when dressing quickly for some event that just came up; I wanna see what it is before I rez it.