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can i change my name?

zaire Hansen
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Join date: 24 Mar 2006
Posts: 79
06-07-2006 10:57
Hi this is my first free accoint, i got a land owening alt.
(zaire) is my first accoint with Sl,
well i was not sure about the first name, now after 3 mouth,i dont like this name.
is there anyway of changeing it??
Torley Linden
Join date: 15 Sep 2004
Posts: 16,530
06-07-2006 16:11
Hello zaire, this must be one of the most popular questions that comes up on SL Answers. I'm afraid you can't at the current time. We have discussed ways of making this more readily available... see this very extensive thread:


and feel free to chime in!

You can certainly start a new account with a different name too.