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llHTTPRequest throttling details

Masakazu Kojima
Join date: 23 Apr 2004
Posts: 232
05-24-2006 21:27
Would it be possible to get some details about how llHTTPRequest is throttled, and whether/how/when it will be adjusted in the future?
Kelly Linden
Linden Developer
Join date: 29 Mar 2004
Posts: 896
05-25-2006 07:49
UPDATE: The rates of this throttle have changed since this was originally posted. The old rates were 20 requests per 100 seconds per object owner per region. The current rates are 25 requests per 20 seconds per object. I have modified the below (since it is linked to from the wiki).

llHTTPRequest is throttled in the following manner:
More than 25 requests per 20 seconds across all scripts on an object will trigger the throttle.

The objects will become unthrottled quicker if ALL requests stop, and take a little longer if requests continue.

If a request is throttled, llHTTPRequest will return a NULL key. This means you can know immediately if a request happened or not.

* sending 1 request every 1 seconds (or longer) will never get throttled.
* sending bursts of 25 requests (or fewer) every 20 seconds (or longer) will never get throttled.
- Kelly Linden