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Has anybody actually used PayPal's Mass Pay before???

Simple Chaos
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10-08-2005 16:53
With all the talk about using PayPal's Mass Pay feature to save us $$ when withdrawing from our LindeX accounts, I was curious --- Why would PayPal offer such a thing (especially to Premier account holders)? They'd lose a lot of money on large $ transfers. For a $100 payment to a Premier account, the old way (2.9% + $0.30) yielded them $3.20. Mass Pay caps the fee at $1.00. Multiply that by thousands of transactions. Something smells fishy. Doesn't sound like a sound business plan.

Sooooo... I emailed their customer support this:

Does a Premier account that receives a payment from a merchant who makes
payment using Mass Pay get charged the usual 2.9% plus $0.30 fee? Or is
the 2% (capped at $1.00) fee that the merchant pays on the transaction the
only fee charged on the transaction?

xxxxx xxxxx'

Here is the response I got:

Dear xxxxx xxxxx,

Thanks for contacting PayPal. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you
with your questions.

In reviewing your email, with a premier account receiving a mass payment
there is just the standard fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 cents for the
transaction. Receiving money from the mass pay option does not lower the
fee rates. The 2% capped at $1 USD is only charged to the merchant that
uses that function.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

PayPal Community Support
PayPal, an eBay Company

Here's how I see it: The Mass Pay feature is specifically designed to help the money sender to send a lot of payments easily. The sender pays the 2% (capped at $1.00) fee for the time saved. This fee is totally independent of the recipient. If the recipient has a Premier account, the recipient still pays the 2.9% plus $0.30.

Regardless of whether LL adopts Mass Pay, those of us who have Premier PayPal accounts will still get soaked the 2.9% + $0.30 fee.

Has anyone ever used Mass Pay? Can they verify this? I'd hate for Lawrence et al. to be killing themselves to implement Mass Pay for us if we don't stand to benefit.
Enabran Templar
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10-08-2005 17:02
Nice. Linden Lab takes it out of our ass to the tune of $5, then PayPal gets to have a go.

Come back! Don't run away, fat profit margins! Come back to me, please!

/me weeps bitterly.
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Jamie Bergman
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10-08-2005 17:23
Well, at least LindeX is cool.
Iron Perth
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10-08-2005 17:39
Well, I believe Lawrence stands to benefit as he doesn't have to manually process the transactions.

We probably further benefit as we don't get charged an extra $5 per transaction, and it will probably occur more frequently.

Finally, the non premier accounts (the vast majority, perhaps) will only be charge 2% instead of $5.

On a $10 transaction that is 20 cents versus $5. A big difference, I believe.
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Cristiano Midnight
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10-08-2005 17:40
IGE has been using Mass Pay for about 6 months, and I've had many sell transactions with them, both before and after. Prior to their using it, I paid 2.9% to receive money to my Paypal account because it is Premier (which was frustrating). Once they implemented it, there was no longer any Paypal fee to receive from IGE. I still incurred 2.9% when I received money from GOM because they did not implement the feature. In fact, it was GOM that clarified the Mass Pay option in a forum post where I compared the end result of an IGE sale vs GOM.

Your response from Paypal is odd - it seems even they don't understand their own system. Who knows, maybe IGE negotiated some special deal with Paypal - all I know is that the receive fees went away - the original price quoted is what ends up in your Paypal account - not a dime less.

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Iron Perth
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10-08-2005 17:43
I have read about this in other places as well .. it is possible that it is negotiated on a one off basis (a "world seller";).

It is also possible that this is a feature of PayPal that paypal itself does not wish to widely advertise because of the potential for abuse.

If someone has a premier account and would like to test it, feel free to send me their paypal email address and I will send them a token amount via PayPal masspay.

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Ricky Zamboni
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10-08-2005 20:00
I've received mass pay payments to a business PayPal account and not been hit with a receiving fee. I think the people at PayPal do not understand their own policies.
Jesrad Seraph
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10-08-2005 23:43
Hurray ! Down with transaction fees :D
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