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SLCC Have Fun, Be Safe! From Rest of Us!

Merwan Marker
Join date: 28 Jan 2004
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10-07-2005 07:17
Have fun everyone - wish I could be there!

With all the updated security alerts in NYC and this am closing of main entrance to Penn Station - be safe!

:) :cool: :p
Don't Worry, Be Happy - Meher Baba
FlipperPA Peregrine
Magically Delicious!
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10-07-2005 07:46
Thanks for the kind words Merwan! We'll make sure its...Excellent! :-)

I have 2 free passes for the party AND convention available! Email me at [email]FlipperPA@gmail.com[/email] if you're interested!

Courtesy of our sponsor Digital Schooling - they're not going to be able to make it, unfortunately.


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