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mac and volume serial number?

mariesa Macdonald
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05-11-2008 10:35
Does anyone know what this means?

I have been unable to log into SL from my main computer for almost two months. It works from my secondary computer but then my computer locks up due to the fact that the computer is quite old.

I've been dealing with CS which seems to respond once every 3 or 4 days.

The last question they asked me was what my mac and volume serial number is.


Penny Tank
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05-12-2008 03:30
Mac = Your network card's MAC Address
Volume Serial Number = Your hard drive's serial number

To Find out your Volume Serial Number:

then type: dir
then look for: "Volume Serial Number is" at the top of the list

To Find out your MAC:

then type: ipconfig /all
then look for: "Physical Address" under your network card

Depending on how many network cards/interfaces you have will depend on what shows up. If you run bluetooth, wifi, lan, vmware, tunnels, etc you could be scrolling for quite a while. The address will always take the form of "00-00-00-00-00-00", where "00" will be a mix of letters/numbers.

MAC Addresses are also usually on a label on your network card or computer.

Why would they ask you for this?
Well usually you cannot change your MAC and Disk Number, no matter how many times you format your computer, this information won't change. Software developers use this information to identify computers. This is my own speculationg, but for secondlife this could mean that your actual computer has been banned from the grid, which is probably why you can log in on the other computer.
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Robot Poultry
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05-12-2008 10:10
SL may collect identifying information, such as the MAC and volume serial number. This information may allow support to check server side logs and pinpoint the point of failure for this machine.
Darien Caldwell
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05-12-2008 11:49
Those are things usually used to ban an account. Perhaps they think you hardware has been banned, and want to verify or discount that possibility.